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Full baldness is very rare in anyone, but even much more so in women Hair loss and baldness are only a problem if it causes emotional or psychological problems.



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Which Vitamins for Baldness and or Hair Loss?

Nowadays, a lot of thought and effort goes into the purchasing of nutritional supplements to find relief from the many symptoms we may have, vitamins for baldness and hair loss are no different.

Some vitamins and minerals can help stop balding and hairloss, while too much of a good vitamin can cause baldness (alopecia).

Buying vitamins to cure hair loss, cure baldness, or prevent balding, does have its pros and cons, as you will find out below.

But, vitamins for baldness and or hair loss have not been that popular due to a raft of a new breed supplements and lotions that have appeared, like Provillus.


To dismiss what vitamins and supplements can do for hair loss and balding would be considered silly by many professionals that deal with baldness.

Many vitamins provide much vital help and treatment to some of today's modern illnesses.

One almost forgotten area when it comes to vitamin supplementation, is what vitamins can really do for balding and baldness.  Vitamin treatment for baldness and hair loss can really work.


Vitamin A

Too much or too little vitamin A in the diet can apparently result in hair loss and baldness.


B Vitamins for baldness, alopecia and hair loss.

B vitamins have been one of the mainstay vitamins for hair loss and baldness for many, many years.

B-vitamins have always been at the top of the list for hair loss, as they have consistently shown to be one of the best.

What B vitamins achieve, is that they  have an effect on the scalp which can assist to strengthen hair and slow down the spread of hair loss. 

Also, the B vitamins work on strengthening our body's ability to handle stress, and stress is another cause for baldness and hair loss.

In some cases, B vitamins have been used to boost hair re-growth.

Although B-vitamins can be consumed individually, as there are many different B vitmains, it may be best that this vitamin is taken in a multi-B vitamin form.

However, it needs to be made clear that these vitamins will not provide a miracle cure for hair loss.

Please do not have the notion that by taking them, you will have a full head of hair over night.

The humble B vitamin supplement has never had any brash claims about super fast hair re-growth and this is the main reason why they are overlooked in the hair loss treatment market.

This is a shame, as there can be many benefits that B vitamins will give you for hair loss without paying a fortune.


Biotin for Baldness and hair loss.

Biotin, a particular B vitamin, does not seem to stop the balding, but it appears to be able to slow the hair loss down. 

Some people have found that this vitamin works similiar to Saw Palmetto as well, by reducing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone - the latter is a leading cause of hair loss, particularly amongst men.

Dosage is somewhere around 100 to 300 micrograms daily.


Myoinositol and PABA for baldness and hairloss

Myoinositol and PABA (ParaAminoBenzoic Acid) really assist and help the hair follicles, resulting in the prevention of hair loss, as well as the prevention of premature graying.


Zinc is a mineral found to be beneficial for balding and hair loss in those with Alopecia areata totalis

Yes, if you have lost all your body hair, face, head, underarms, pubic etc, then zinc may well regrow the hair all back.


Other supplements that may help with Baldness and hair loss

Other supplements baldness and hair loss can be found on several other pages, including natural treatments for hair loss, balding remedies and baldness cures.


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